The Business of Energy


The Business of Energy defines seven key sections to educate any business professional, building owner or ratepayer as it relates to your building and business and prepares them for the decision making necessary to navigate the constantly changing energy sector.


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The Business of Energy I conceived of The Business of Energy with one purpose in mind—to provide the know-how that will help business executives, building owners, and ratepayers better understand how the complex and ever-changing landscape of energy affects their companies. Increasing energy costs and the poor reliability of energy systems burden businesses worldwide. Executives need to be able to take the necessary steps to increase their understanding of energy if they hope to reduce energy costs and increase their company’s energy reliability. This book will provide a broad range of information in working toward this goal, including a thorough presentation of the following essential dynamics that executives need to understand: energy economics, building and process efficiency and conservation, energy generation, energy compliance laws, and corporate communication. The Business of Energy contains seven key sections to educate you to ask the questions that matter most for your business: 1. Energy Compliance Laws for Building Owners and Ratepayers 2. Best Energy Conservation, Efficiency and Generation Methods 3. The Economics of Energy and How to Capture all Available Money 4. Options for Financing Energy Measures 5. Understanding the Pricing of Electricity and Natural Gas Supply 6. Understanding your Energy Bill and the impact of Stabilizing Demand 7. The Corporate Communication Process to Best Manage Energy Costs I hope that this book will help guide you as you begin to enrich your understanding of how best to implement an energy plan for your company. Elena Cahill, JD, CEM, BEP

The Business of Energy


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