Globelé Energy was founded by Elena Cahill to benefit the commercial and industrial sector of our society in the application of energy. Understanding that energy is a complex, ever changing industry, Globelé’s goal is to simplify energy for the consumer. We focus on energy so you can focus on your business. As energy is an integral part of the bottom line, Globele believes the better we help you understand your energy consumption and creation, the more money you will save; while the planet saves resources.

Our mission: To teach and implement strategies throughout North America that will allow our clients to conserve energy, create energy, and purchase cost-effective energy while capturing all the economic resources available.

Globelé will work with you to take advantage of profitable energy solutions. Our portfolio of services include Auditing, Outsource Energy Management, Procurement, Economics and Tax Effects & our custom Educational Globele Energy Executive Summit Series will provide you the support needed, when needed.  When energy solutions are implemented you not only save money, you have contributed to making the world a better place.

In the ever-changing environment it’s critical to manage your energy. Globele realizes that it’s not possible for every company to hire an energy manager so we created a program that will allow you to reap the benefits of outsourcing this important responsibility. This is an ongoing relationship that changes with the needs of your company.

Should you have an energy manager, Globele will work with your energy manager to secure all the energy economics available for your company for the solutions you are targeting.