Sales Tax Review

State sales tax levy as it relates to energy differs in every State. Understanding your specific situation is critical. Globele can help you understand your specific situation and if you have been sales tax when you should not have been Globele can possibly help you recover up to 3 years of the sales tax dollars paid.

Demand Response

Should you have a large load that you have the flexibility to lower at a moments notice then the demand response program may be for you. In this program you can be compensated for lowering your energy use in high demand energy times on the grid. Contact a Globele consultant to learn more.

Benchmarking and Energy Plan

Globele Energy, is an AEE Certified & Utility approved energy auditor. Providing Commercial and Industrial clients independent, unbiased recommendations for energy efficiency, conservation and generation.

Globele will help you create an effective energy management plan which will reduce your consumption and cost. To properly do this we first benchmark your building by performing an Ashrae level I, II or III audit. We then couple the benchmark with an understanding of your current business needs, future plans and the available energy economic resources.

We can help with specific modalities should you not require a full benchmarking and audit. Services available are:

Leed Qualified Audit for 2 points; Energy Use Indexing; Water Management; Sub-Metering; Waste Heat Reduction; Energy Management System Introduction and Interfacing; Indoor Air Quality; ISO 50001 and 50003 Preparation; Energy Efficient System Upgrades.

Energy grants, incentives and other economics

Globele will help you identify financial resources for your energy conservation or generation projects. There is an abundance of economics available today which can equate to up to 70% of the cost of the project.

Funding can be in the form of a/an:

Incentive – Cash given to the ratepayer as an incentive to become more energy efficient;

Rebates – Cash given to a rate payer for installing an energy efficient system;

Pace Program – a loan that will finance 100% of the energy efficient or energy generation project, this program is available in 28 States and varies in each State;

Federal Deduction – Federal tax deduction that the owner or rate payer of a property can take the year the energy efficient measure is placed in service. Based on a cost per square foot;

Investment Federal Credit – Federal tax credit for various renewable energy;

ZREC and LREC program- a Connecticut based program wherein a reverse auction is performed and the recipient of the auction earns a 15 year contract from their electric company to purchase the rec’s earned by the production of their renewable energy. Last auction will be in 2017.

Grants- these vary from time to time and can be used for projects such as CHP. Consult with a Globele consultant to learn the Grants available at the present time.